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Laugh-out-loud stories, alternated with thought provoking moments, punctuated with downright ridiculous predicaments.

These humorous and witty yarns about Nix’s travel experiences span the globe — Russia, Nigeria, China, India, Pakistan, Mexico, Jordan, Sweden, Australia, you name it — even as far away as Montana and Texas!

C.C. Nixdorf (“Nix” to his friends) has found himself in situations that any naïve traveler might, or the most experienced sometimes has. Go far away often enough and you’ll find yourself at the corner of Caprice and Quirk, the inn of the travel gods.

Nix has survived and pays homage in twenty-one tales of whimsy, salted with zany one-liners about our crazy, whacked planet and its wonderfully diverse peoples. “It’s all true,” Nix swears. “Reality provides its own wild ride. At least, mine has!”

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